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Reviews For Come the Morning
Reviewer: San Anonymous Date: 06/27/05 - 11:53PM Title: an unusual awakening

Wonderful. Gorgeous. Very, very nice to read! And *squee!* glaring, vine-pattern bitten, braided!Gojyo!

Reviewer: Shiro Anonymous Date: 06/27/05 - 07:44PM Title: an unusual awakening

Oh lovely.. *_* this fic has me sparkling all over the place. Haha. Hakkai drunk and helping braid Gojyo's hair while he's paralysed. >3 I can imagine him cursing all the way (Gojyo). Ehehe. And tied to the bed. Kinky. Really XD Great work

Reviewer: kinsugi Anonymous Date: 01/05/05 - 12:50AM Title: an unusual awakening

This was just lovely! Especially the imagery of Gojyo when he tossed off the bedding expecting apology. I was entranced, right there with Hakkai, feasting my eyes and wanting to touch.

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