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Reviewer: LucyGray Anonymous Date: 03/31/08 - 08:25AM Title: 1/1

It's amazing how something so simple as a goodbye kiss can wrench at one's heart.  There's a lot of emotion in these few paragraphs -you conveyed the moment well.

Reviewer: Kokoro Sabishii Anonymous Date: 02/17/08 - 11:23PM Title: 1/1

Very well done, not only the plot but the style was nice as well.

Reviewer: gen50 Anonymous Date: 07/07/07 - 04:20AM Title: 1/1

good metaphor for life, and death, and reincarnation.  if only. but finding each other would take lots of work........

Reviewer: Kitsune Yarisha Anonymous Date: 05/29/07 - 07:12PM Title: 1/1

Beautiful. I love the feeling of flow and movement in the piece. The desperate act of coming together one more time before the they part is wonderfully written. You have real talent! 

There two are a match made in heaven, no? ^^ *Squee* 

Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/05/06 - 10:48PM Title: 1/1

This will sound absolutely unoriginal, but this was so 'sweet'! I love all four characters but these two just have a certain depth that makes them so kawaii together! Loved it!

Reviewer: zan Anonymous Date: 02/26/05 - 11:18AM Title: 1/1

i think i read this one on ff net, but i read it again here. and yes i saw the pic. and you captured the feel of it well. i like it. thank you for a cool look at these guys. did you check out the other pics at her site. mostly 58 pics and some others too. she is v. talented. unfortunately no, i don't know japanese.

Author's Response: thank you! I'm glad you liked it and that it captured the feel of the pairing (I love them so!) =D

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