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Reviewer: tenar_padmire Anonymous Date: 12/07/05 - 09:14PM Title: Round 2

Subtle, yet very much psychological One could really feel the tension between these two beings. I like the way the weather reacts to their conversation, the lightning and all.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/15/05 - 03:40AM Title: Round 2

just re-reading old favourites...and i had forgotten how lovely the stand-off between these two are....and...aaah! the ending....zan is now a puddle of mush...and slush!

Reviewer: Blaqueluna Anonymous Date: 01/22/05 - 05:17PM Title: Round 1

Although not exactly familiar with Gunlock (except from a few synopsis here and there), this is one heck of an interesting piece you've got here. Very....philosophical. And the KISS *swoons*! XDXDXD Please continue writing more of their verbal battle ne? I wanna see who will win in the end ^.~

Reviewer: WildeLamassu Signed Date: 11/05/04 - 09:39PM Title: Round 2

Oh, dear. I absolutely cannot categorize this lovely little thing: snarkfluff? fluffsnark? Do continue. *checks the wings for San-chan*

Reviewer: Solaas Anonymous Date: 11/03/04 - 06:38AM Title: Round 2

Agh, I love this. Love it! Two wicked intellects sniping politely at each other, each trying to gauge the other's depths and strengths. Lovely, and oh the KISS! How charming, and they still haven't resolved who's the sneakiest.

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