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Reviews For Chocolate
Reviewer: gerigirl Anonymous Date: 08/11/07 - 08:19AM Title: Chocolate

i really enjoyed reading this story so hot
sanzo sneak attack was well woth it poor goku.finally got his just deserts.and now he wants sanzo to be on the bottom while he is on top.i like that part.

Reviewer: darthelwig Signed Date: 06/17/05 - 07:05PM Title: Chocolate

This story is one of my favorites ever. You really captured the two of them, making them completely believable to me. The smut is extremely well-written and I'm just floored by your talent. This story has been an inspiration to me. Whenever I need help getting into their heads for my own fics, I reread it and am instantly able to recapture the essence of them. Amazing. I know I'm rambling on, but I really love this story. *stands in awe*

Reviewer: hungry_worm (LJ) Anonymous Date: 06/06/05 - 05:43PM Title: Chocolate

This was amazing, erotic, and so much ::them::. Absolutely enjoyable to read, well written and filled with gorgeous and hot images. I like everything about this fic, you did a great job! "You broke me." - that made me laugh. Their interaction is so realistic and fits the characters just fine. This surely won't be the only time I read it. :)

Reviewer: itainohime Signed Date: 04/08/05 - 07:30AM Title: Chocolate

Marvelously sexy. Your erotic descriptions are fantastic--then again, you're a great writer anyhow, so that shouldn't be surprising. ^^ I admit, I never thought of Goku being particularly sexual or sexy until I read this fic: you've made both quite plausible. Wonderful work. *tucks into faves*

Reviewer: Holidame Anonymous Date: 04/06/05 - 11:00AM Title: Chocolate

Wow... Just... wow. I never once thought I would like a lemon involving Goku. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big 3/9 shipper... but sex and Goku never really mixed in my mind. Particularly not penetrative sex. And this just made it so plausible... It was always about romance and the want to care for one another. Your turns of phrase are fantastic and your style is very clear cut but still so full of visual imagery. You're an amazing writer, to say the least. I'm certainly going to have to print this off and take it home to my girlfriend. Again, I say, wow. Bravo.

Reviewer: Li-chan Anonymous Date: 01/09/05 - 12:22AM Title: Chocolate

I really enjoyed this story--descriptions were very tantalizing, and it painted an interesting picture of things that might go on once the doors are closed. :) Definetly an author worth reading again!

Reviewer: Haku Anonymous Date: 11/28/04 - 12:01AM Title: Chocolate

Hey! I read this story a couple of months ago and I've been looking for it ever since! I just had to write to tell you that this is really one of the most well-written Saiyuki fanfics that I've ever read. Especially since it deals with Goku and Sanzo (my favorite pairing!). Good job and keep it up! You've certainly got talent!

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