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Reviews For Choices
Reviewer: Blood_Debt Anonymous Date: 05/07/05 - 02:45AM Title: Choices

Awww. Reading through your stories. Again. I just -can't- get over the bit where Sanzo nearly leaves Gojyo, but realises he has his pride, and therefore sacrifices it to keep it. If that makes any sense.

Author's Response: Hi there! You're here, too? ^_^ Of course it makes sense, you're a smart, young woman. ^_~

Reviewer: mango Anonymous Date: 03/06/05 - 08:19PM Title: Choices

I really liked this story~!!! Their friendship is touchig...and I actually cried half way through the story....when I read the part Hakkai made his choice.

Author's Response: It is always so nice to hear that my story can touch the readers. Thank you.

Reviewer: amai_yume Anonymous Date: 12/22/04 - 06:32AM Title: Choices

I was looking for some fanfic archives since spiral is pretty dormant at this time...everyone's out for the holidays...this looked like a good site, but I wasn't expecting to find this wonderful story of yours here. That clears up the suspicion that I am stalking you. Because I'm not. I am, however, a big fan of your works. Of course, I should've known you'd be advertising, since it's in and because you're a great writer. I know the ending and I relish the fact. ^_^ Keep up the good work! =^.^=

Author's Response: Hi there, and thanks. People saying nice things to me about my writings really makes me happy! ^_^

Reviewer: Daeuiel Anonymous Date: 09/04/04 - 10:37PM Title: Choices

Oh, what a wonderful, heartwarming story. I shall recommend it to my friends. I really enjoyed reading this. It gave me the warm fuzzies. ^__^

Author's Response: Thank you. Being recommended is a big praise. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

Reviewer: Ryo Anonymous Date: 06/06/04 - 10:52AM Title: Choices

I commend you!!! This fan fic was fabulous!!! Good job!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Nice to know you liked it.

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