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Reviews For "I Fold"
Reviewer: Diet Soda Signed Date: 07/29/10 - 11:04PM Title: Chapter 1

You write so well that i can see everything happening. The card-playing, the banter -- everything -- it's all just so real.

I honestly had no idea what the hell all of that card stuff was, but it was certainly exciting and sounded incredibly fun. And you did everything in a way that was simple and easy to understand to n00bs like me :)

I loved how the whole situation with Gojyo just draaaaagged on. You've really taken us where they are, and in Gojyo's head. Everything was absolutely brilliant.

I loved Sanzo. Every remark he made, each time he folded, his little jokes/insults -- PERFECT.

Goku was just absolutely adorable. I could almost hear him when I was reading his dialogue, and I could almost feel his excitement at each shitty hand he revealed lololol.

Hakkai. God, I don't think I've ever seen anybody else write him so close to character. He's got that little bit of something in here that makes you really wonder about what he's thinking; it made me wonder if the things he were saying were really what he meant.

The only thing I sort of didn't like was the part where Hakkai told Gojyo that, if he were to remove his limiters, he'd basically jump him. Well, I didn't like it cause it was kinda corny and a little jarring to me, but you made it so casual and realistic at the same time that it MADE me like it.

AHHH. I love this story. It was AWESOME, for lack of a better word.

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