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Reviews For Come on to me!
Reviewer: Andrea Anonymous Date: 12/22/06 - 10:26PM Title: Frustration and Embarrassment

Really great story. Perfect length too :)

Reviewer: duogambit Anonymous Date: 05/26/04 - 05:32PM Title: Frustration and Embarrassment

I liked this story, maybe because no one was left out. looking forward to more of your stories and wondering if you'll do anything to follow up on this one.

Reviewer: Solaas Signed Date: 05/17/04 - 08:05AM Title: Frustration and Embarrassment

I liked this one a lot, especially the first three chapters with all the building up of ... stress. :-) I'm looking forward to your future works! You may want to go over it and correct a few little things though: To except = to exclude something. To accept = to be okay with something. To mourn is to grieve. I think perhaps you meant 'moan' in the kissing scenes? ^_^ Ellipses ( ... ) are always three dots, though you can get away with four at the very end of a paragraph to show prolonged dragged-outness.

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