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Reviews For Hatchlings
Reviewer: ali Anonymous Date: 12/16/07 - 02:16AM Title: Chapter 1

this was fabulous! <3 I was looking all over for Goujun fics :3

Author's Response: Thank you! 

Reviewer: wongkk Anonymous Date: 09/18/07 - 03:16AM Title: Chapter 1

How clever to put one unguarded exuberant animal in the accidental way of a soberly disciplined other animal (I guess dragons are animals, even in heaven?) and then to show their common ground at the end!  The pacing is beautifully even (as is only appropriate for Goujun) and there is a nice subtlety of internalization and description which leaves a conviction that Goujun is not unresponsive to good things, but doesn't put himself to the indignity of enjoying them.  I thought this was a lovely piece of writing.

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