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Reviews For Limiter
Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/08/06 - 07:42PM Title: Limiter

Mmmm, ~hoooottt~!!! I love it when Hakkai is in control! Very hot! ^__^

Reviewer: Feytaline Anonymous Date: 01/09/05 - 08:19PM Title: Limiter

Ah. I love this story. I read it once before, I forget where... but damn. This is one darned great piece of Saiyuki fanfiction. I hope that you're continuing to write, because you really kick some ass.

Reviewer: Shadowfox13 Anonymous Date: 12/04/04 - 03:20PM Title: Limiter

Wow! This was really good! I hope there will be more like it. *LOL* Or at least a sequel. :D Anyway wonderful work.

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