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Reviews For A Different Life
Reviewer: Shanny Signed Date: 08/31/10 - 03:25PM Title: Different Enemies

All I can say, is wow. That story was amazing to read. I really liked your characterizations of everyone, especially Sanzo. The plot was beyond interesting, the characters were good, the humor fit in just right, and it flowed just like a real Saiyuki episode. And I love long well written stories. So thanks for sharing! This is definitely one of the best Saiyuki fics I've ever read.

Reviewer: gerigirl Anonymous Date: 08/10/07 - 11:39PM Title: Different Enemies

i've read this story and ilove it. hakkai loses his limiters during the fight and yet he had enough sence about what was friend or foe. i take my hat off to you this story is very good.

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