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Reviews For Room
Reviewer: ryushin Signed Date: 05/17/04 - 12:19PM Title: Room

I liked it. I really did. It's sad and an interaction behind the scenes, so to speak, between Hakkai and Sanzo I could believe in.

Reviewer: Solaas Signed Date: 05/10/04 - 01:52AM Title: Room

Lovely. Just lovely. Reaching out to Sanzou is an exercise in futility, since he will scorn you and turn away. Hakkai tries anyway.

Reviewer: iamzuul Anonymous Date: 05/06/04 - 04:40PM Title: Room

Sanzo's so repressed and afraid to show his emotions that he's closing his doors before he even opens them - few people would ever want to enter a relationship where their partner wasn't willing to reveal what he or she felt. I doubt even Hakkai would be willing to wait long enough for Sanzo to come out of his shell, not while Gojyo was right there and far less afraid. Wonderful characterization - especially at the end, where Sanzo chose to close the door again, rather then try again to find out where he could fit in with this new relationship. Unattachment at its strongest. Very depressing, but so very good.

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