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Reviewer: wongkk Anonymous Date: 07/10/07 - 04:51AM Title: Chapter 1

This piece is so enjoyably clever.  It has a travelling structure, which moves the great sage equal to heaven from the short descriptions of his pure, essential nature, through longer passages mirroring how his simplicity becomes muddied and confused by his contact with the Earth, to a conclusion which shows his conflict with heaven and then capture, confinement and eventual care plan!  Yet the formality of the structure doesn’t lessen the impact on the imagination of the imagery used to convey a Goku-view of his pre-Gaiden life.  It was this artistic choice of language which gave me the pictures to use for my “a self equal to heaven” drabble;  without “Before there were chains”, even 100 words would have been impossible – thank you, Ditch!

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