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Reviews For Serenity
Reviewer: mikkeneko Anonymous Date: 08/10/07 - 09:16AM Title: Serenity

Ah! Telepathy, or at the least, very very intensive Sanzo-attunement. Seems appropriate for Goku. Although personally, I think he *does* react to what Sanzo is thinking but not saying, all the time.

Reviewer: wonkk Anonymous Date: 08/03/07 - 08:27AM Title: Serenity

Not sure why you don't have any reviews for this because it's very nicely written, so I thought I'd leave you a comment. 

In most of your writing (yeah, I look at too), there is an enjoyable, coherent philosophical skeleton under the particular situation of your fics, and your handling of description is usually wonderful, the language being savoury without being too rich.  In this piece, the description which Goku's nose uses for Sanzo is lovely:  "Ink and sun and gunmetal".  How very Sanzo:  intellect, passion, deadliness. 

 Just sometimes, the shaping of the written piece as a whole doesn't seem to do justice to the tight philosophical underpinning, and maybe the voicing (the matching of the language to the characterization) seems a little at arms-length (a bit distanced) - but these are small things and are perhaps why some of my favourite pieces of your work are the drabbles where the shape is 100 words long and the voicing is narrow and concentrated because 100 words doesn't allow anything else.  Perhaps you have a natural preference for narrative over drama.

Anyway Saiyuki fic definitely needs more work with your integrity of ideas and flavoursome descriptions: please continue to write for EftW!


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