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Reviewer: zan Anonymous Date: 02/07/07 - 09:16AM Title: The Chandrasekhar limit

Yay! You and EoS are here! Cool. Hope to see the rest of the stuff here too!

Welcome. I have always liked this one. It is still has that punch, even on re-reading.

Author's Response:

Zan! Hey, nice to see you here! I must get around to reviewing your work, it's so much easier here than on ffnet....thanks for the review!

Reviewer: a_mael Signed Date: 02/03/07 - 05:37PM Title: The Chandrasekhar limit

I like this.  Good presentation of Sanzo's inherent istability behid his oh-so-in-control facade.  Hope to see more Saiyuki from you!

Author's Response: I do intend to submit more once I get the hang of the formatting - thanks for the review!

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