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Reviews For A Different Rhythm
Reviewer: Diet Soda Signed Date: 07/29/10 - 11:22PM Title: Chapter 1

I love you.

Can I say that, or would that be too weird? All joking aside, this is seriously one hell of a fic. YOU are seriously one hell of a writer.

You capture the moods and the characters so well. It's effortless and light, the way you do it, and makes each word, each sentence, you use to describe the things you do so real and normal. It's as if Minekura relented and wrote this herself.

Gaaah. I'm so amazing and astounded by this that I literally am at a loss for words.

God, I'm such a dweeb xD

Reviewer: watchersprout Signed Date: 04/16/08 - 08:39PM Title: Chapter 1

And your ending?  For The WIN!!!!  Loved it!!

Reviewer: Maru Anonymous Date: 02/17/08 - 04:42PM Title: Chapter 1

This is one BRILLIANT effing story!!! :D I LOVE Sanzo's snide remark at the end. Gorgeous. Thank you very much for making my night!

Reviewer: gerigirl Anonymous Date: 07/26/07 - 05:10PM Title: Chapter 1

i love this story i'm only sorry that it didn't have sanzo and goku doing anything sexual wise overall it was good

Reviewer: revulo Anonymous Date: 07/16/07 - 01:28AM Title: Chapter 1

Oh this was indeed wonderful! I loved every word of it. Very nice!

The last few lines had me in stitches. XD 

Reviewer: tamamura Anonymous Date: 06/26/07 - 09:33PM Title: Chapter 1

I loved the ending. Oh, Gojyo, you shouldn't flirt in that fashion...

Reviewer: Kitsune Yarisha Anonymous Date: 05/29/07 - 07:40PM Title: Chapter 1

You brillian, brilliant, monkey! I adore Hakkai and Gojyo pairing fictions but in your story I think I love the fact that Goku and Sanzo have to hear all the "pounding". You're ending was simply too delicious and unexpected. I loved it! 

 When do you think Hakkai will come? <----Innocent and naive!

From the sound of it, any minute now. <--- That's Sanzo for ya, perfect. I'm surprised he wasn't disturbed by the turn of events or knowing of it.

Good job! Love it!

Reviewer: echogrey Anonymous Date: 12/16/06 - 05:36PM Title: Chapter 1

Cliched? Not at all -- or, at least, no more than any story about Gojyo and Hakkai needs to be in order to be entertaining ;) Sure, Gojyo being a womanizer and Hakkai silently torturing himself over it has been done before, but your story is good enough that it doesn't matter.

I liked all the angst and the cunning, but also the funny -- last line had me laughing out loud -- and I liked the title and how it seemed so right in the end, that Gojyo and Hakkai would have their own rhythm, which they couldn't achieve with anyone else. And Sanzo being able to tell just from the sound of it who was in Gojyo's bed, that was kinda hilarious, but so like him at the same time, to always know everything, even when he rather wouldn't. 

To conclude, for I am sleepy and not making much sense, I hope you'll write more. There's too little good Saiyuki fan fiction around, as it is.


Reviewer: a_mael Signed Date: 12/15/06 - 01:05AM Title: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed this!  You have a good grasp on the characters, so don't be worried about that part.  Hope to see more from you soon.

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