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Reviewer: runagainstthebeat Signed Date: 07/19/09 - 09:06PM Title: 1/1


I love this -- short and sweet.

Reviewer: Kokoro Sabishii Anonymous Date: 02/17/08 - 11:34PM Title: 1/1

^_^ hahaha! That's pretty good!

Reviewer: ineffabird Anonymous Date: 01/19/08 - 06:55PM Title: 1/1

That was really truly great. Hakkai was so very polite about it, despite what they were discussing, and you hit their voices perfectly. If Hakkai and Gojyo ever had a conversation on this topic, that is exactly how it would go. I liked the little addition at the end as well- it was very cute and tied in very well.

Reviewer: bane_Huntress Anonymous Date: 08/21/07 - 02:23PM Title: 1/1

LOL fantastic!

Reviewer: Lauand Anonymous Date: 02/20/07 - 10:29AM Title: 1/1

XDD!! Lovely! Really ^^.

Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/05/06 - 10:54PM Title: 1/1

That's cute! I love Gojyo's reaction, 'Fucked if I know'! Even though it was a brief piece, you definitely had their 'voice'...very cool! ^-^

Reviewer: lijana Anonymous Date: 09/14/06 - 02:17PM Title: 1/1

Ha ha I liked this :)

Reviewer: Tochira Anonymous Date: 06/21/06 - 04:22PM Title: 1/1

I missed this one. How did I miss this one?! And it made me laugh out loud. XD Your dialogue-only pieces slay me every time. Mwah!

Reviewer: Morning Pieces Anonymous Date: 04/29/06 - 05:43PM Title: 1/1

This was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Reviewer: Shiro Anonymous Date: 03/10/06 - 10:26PM Title: 1/1

Oh dear that just made me burst out laughing. Good job. XD

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 02/23/06 - 09:26AM Title: 1/1

I'm glad you're posting these here... makes something of coming home to in the evening worthwhile.

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