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Reviews For Bedtime Noises
Reviewer: jessica Anonymous Date: 10/09/06 - 12:22PM Title: Bedtime Noises

Cute...very Sanzo! ^-^

Reviewer: Anonymous Date: 02/14/06 - 12:56PM Title: Bedtime Noises

A wonderful little slice out of their time. I loved the interactions between Sanzo and Goku and I especially loved how well you captured Goku's personality. Not just in the way he talks (because you made it childlike and sweet enough to be him) but in the way he thinks as well. Perfect!

Reviewer: Gwennie Anonymous Date: 02/14/06 - 06:16AM Title: Bedtime Noises

Aw, this was an adorable little story! Even though it's short (good stories often are!) it captures Goku and Sanzo's personalities really well, so yeah, I like it a lot!

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