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Reviews For Blood Red Dawn
Reviewer: BlackRaven Anonymous Date: 09/07/06 - 06:36PM Title: one-shot

OH WOW! That was brilliant...ever thought about writing a follow up when Goku meets the 'new reborn Sanzo?'

Reviewer: Alleonh Signed Date: 04/11/06 - 05:16PM Title: one-shot

oh wow, that was both touching and very sad... a very nice fic!

Reviewer: Amatorculus Signed Date: 01/27/06 - 09:36PM Title: one-shot

That was just right, absolutely perfect. And deeply moving.

Reviewer: kel_no_sane Anonymous Date: 01/26/06 - 06:33PM Title: one-shot

This is beautiful and sad.. good work

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