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Reviews For "God"
Reviewer: GinnyVos Anonymous Date: 09/08/07 - 08:52AM Title: One-shot

I really liked your take on Goku. It clearly shows that he was indeed a child when Sanzo first found him but that he's definitly grown up in the mean while. Also, I think it quite accurately sums up his feelings about Sanzo and how they've changed over the journey... Thank you :)

Reviewer: Satsuki Anonymous Date: 11/06/06 - 11:19AM Title: One-shot

I think this describes goku'd mind quite well o.O

Reviewer: lacerta ( Anonymous Date: 09/02/06 - 09:28AM Title: One-shot

Owww... Kind of sad, but nice. I don't know how you do it, but the way you write the sanzo/Goku dinamic is just perfect.

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