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Reviews For Dawn
Reviewer: 00011010101011101100 Anonymous Date: 05/08/07 - 10:00PM Title: Dawn


Reviewer: Sorchafyre Signed Date: 09/30/05 - 10:35PM Title: Dawn

::takes breath:: This is only the second piece I've *ever* read that makes me believe this particular scenario could happen. You've got all their characters just so... spot-on *perfect* that, not even did I not have one instance of thnking "that's not what X sounds like", but on the contrary had the thought several times that "oh, yes, that's *exactly* what he would be like. When I began the first paragraph, I was a little dismayed by the length of the description, and yet I read it and it was very well done. By no more than a quarter way in I realized that it was the perfect introduction to the tone of the story. It's a very effective technique to come back to what Sanzo "doesn't" notice, thereby calling attention to his psyche in a subtle way. The overall quality of the writing is truly outstanding, on a level of quality equal to anything professionally produced. Normally I quote some of my favorite lines, but I'd end up copy/pasteing most of the story, so I'll just note two that deserve special mention; jewels that shine more brightly out of the treasure trove than the others. "Just once. Just this once because there's nothing else to do, because there's neither harm nor good in this and no monkey to use as an excuse. Because Hakkai's voice is so steady, and Gojyo's silence so unexpected. " That just perfectly *nails* his character and as I mentioned makes the whole thing work as a believable story. "...then Hakkai's pale lips are sliding down around him and the branches above are dense with needles, sharp with sunlight." ::sighs in awe:: You know that few moments of silence at the end of a live show, when it's over and before the applause starts? The most sincere and unaffected form of appreciation I know of? Insert that here. And, as an extra, added bonus, this story was *amazingly* hot. Erotica at its finest. Thank you for sharing. I'll be looking for your other works.

Author's Response: :also takes breath: Wow. Ok. :bows: Thank you for reading. The thing about Sanzo is that I like him as a character, with his snark and his denial, his wisdom and observantness and blind spots... Yes, I really like him and I like writing him for a lot of the same reasons (his voice is just so much *fun*). But my understanding of who he is makes it very difficult for me to picture him being interested in sex. OK, maybe in a purely carnal way, since yeah, 20-something guy. But his defenses are so good, his robes such an effective barrier- anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I tried to go to appropriate lengths to make Sanzo believable. And I'm very glad you think I succeeded. Thanks so much for your review!

Reviewer: zan Anonymous Date: 09/30/05 - 07:46PM Title: Dawn

*smiles idiotically* - nice!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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