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Reviewer: gerigirl Signed Date: 07/08/07 - 04:47PM Title: None

hey interstella i went to read hey i'm gay but nothing came on the screen. by the way ididn't forget about the lost little continuation i revised it i want it to be perfect and blend in with the story you wrote so that it flows together. so don't be surprised when i review a story of yours and add a little piece of what i have so far ok? geri

Reviewer: tenar_padmire Anonymous Date: 12/07/05 - 09:05PM Title: One-shot

Not bad for a one-shot. This is surely not like any other serious fanfic. Keep it up.

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/13/05 - 10:14AM Title: None

this is a wonderful and sweet (without the slushiness) short.

yes gojyo is thoughtful like that and he does actually watch out/over snazo..a lot! in the series...and for all their bickering they actually do quite well together.
and goku does calm hakkai down a touch or two. he sort of diffuses him somewhat.
and the unspoken communication between gojyo and goku here is really to the canon i think.

nothing more i can say ...nice!

Reviewer: zan Signed Date: 06/13/05 - 10:08AM Title: None

this was so sweet and wonderful and yes gojyo and goku are like that...and yes gojyo actually does watch over sanzo a lot in the series. and goku does take the edge of hakkai as well sometimes, calms him down a touch. and there is that unspoken communication between gojyo and goku and it was written into this so well. i love it.

Reviewer: Satri Signed Date: 05/16/05 - 02:43PM Title: None

That... scared the living crap out of me when I read it... but it was amazing, absolutely amazing. Really. I am so coming back for more.

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