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Echoes from the Saiyuki :: A Saiyuki Fanfic Archive
Est. 2004

In Memorum

In memory of Pam Wisniewski, penname guanyin kun (April 17, 1963 - January 9, 2008), EftW moderator, 2006-2008
July 1 2008 - Anonymous Reviews Disabled

As a reminder, anonymous reviews have been disabled. This means that you need to log in before you can leave a review. I apologise for the inconvenience, but this was implemented because of difficulties with spammers leaving tons of anonymous reviews. If you have any suggestions as to how to counter the spam problem, please let me know by dropping me an email. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Apr 17 2008 - Searching for New Moderators
In order to keep the stories flowing on EftW, we're looking for new moderators to vet the incoming works for quality. If you're interested in lending a hand, or if you want more information, please contact Ditch Gospel: [Contact]. Thanks!


If you click on stories and get a blank entry, you are likely using an outdated skin that is incompatible with the newer script. Please log in and select the 'efiction' skin under your personal information.

Note also that the previous formatting rules regarding leaving lines no longer apply. In fact, we're now experimenting with a WYSIWYG editor. I would appreciate your feedback on whether this is preferable to the old HTML editting. (Note that you can modify your HTML through the 'HTML' button on the editor.)

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EftW Saiyuki Fanfiction Competition

Results for the EftW Competition '05.


Echoes from the West ('EftW') was established in 2004 with the aim of providing an archive for quality fanfiction of Minekura Kazuya's Saiyuki (RELOAD) series. Saiyuki is a manga (japanese comic) series: an adaption of Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West... with twists. (To whit: cigarettes, jeeps, credit cards, and whole lot of swearing, drinking and killing to go with it.) For more information on the series, do check out Bhex's website. Saiyuki has been adapted into an anime (japanese animated cartoons) with four seasons -- Gensoumaden Saiyuki Seasons #1 and #2, Saiyuki RELOAD anime, and Saiyuki GUNLOCK.


  • This archive is slash friendly. For information on warnings and terminology, please check out the help page.
  • EftW is not Mary Sue friendly (except for parody fics). Again, please check out the help page for definitions.
  • EftW is not a closed archive. All Saiyuki authors are welcomed to sign up for an account and post their fictions.
  • However, EftW is a moderated archive. All fictions are screened and publication is subject to admin approval.
    Prospective members are requested to refer to the submission guidelines and instructions.


    Why upload fics to Eftw?
    First and foremost, EftW is completely free! Price-free and ad-free.


  • Scripting support
    Like, EftW's scripting is fully automated, from the sign up process to uploading, to being notified when you receive reviews.
    Eftw also supports a lot of HTML code that does not. Examples include: strike throughs, tabs, images, links and variable font colors. Also, EftW does not strip special characters such as asterisks, etc from your fic or your fic title.
    EftW supports NC-17 fanfictions.
    EftW supports the ability to reply to reviews.
    EftW provides story hit counters for all fictions and their individual chapters, so you can see how many times your fic has been read.


  • Free beta-reading
    Since the moderator reads every fic submitted to the archive unless you're on the auto-validate list (meaning that moderator thinks that all your fics are perfect and will pass without comment), this ensures that
    1. Your fiction gets at least one reader
    2. You will often get a review.
    No fiction is rejected from EftW without a thorough and comprehensive review detailing reasons for rejection.
    Fics that are approved frequently get a few quick comments from the moderator, unless they're good and the moderator has nothing to say. In the process, any spelling / grammatical / typographical errors, or errors in japanese, etc, are usually pointed out to the author. The moderator team also gives suggestions and comments on style, pacing and phrasing, etc. Constructive feedback, much? ^_^
    Also, the moderator team is very friendly and doesn't bite.


  • Others
    Extras include competitions run by EftW, write-ups, and whatever the admin can conceive.


    Administrator and moderator: Elvaron (sf). (Also the person you should contact In case of technical difficulties or problems spotted with the archive, or any comments, cookies or candy in general.) [Contact].

    Thanks for all the fish to the old mod-team!: Solaas, KA Rose, Hojo, Hane Shinohara.

    Special thanks to bluejay for assistance in setting up the archive.

    And special thanks to the wonderful folks at Orodruin for the scripting!

  • Interesting Info
    We have 627 stories and 118 authors in this archive.

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