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HTML, what on Earth is that?

HTML is the language that you use to communicate with your browser. It tells the browser how to display things. For example, if you want make text bold, you would insert the following tags: <B>Bold Text Here</B>, and it'll appear like this: Bold Text Here.

When uploading your stories to EftW, you will have to deal with HTML at some point. This page is designed for the user who has no knowledge of HTML at all. More advanced users may like to proceed to the next page.

Uploading a Story to EftW
There are two ways of uploading your story to EftW.
1. Entering your story into the 'Story Text' box.
2. Uploading a file.
Both methods require you to use HTML. Option #1 entails pasting the HTML code straight into the box, while option #2 entails uploading a .html file. The rest of this page is devoted to telling you how to create HTML.

Creating HTML

Users using plain text (i.e. you type your story in notepad and save it as a .txt file), please go here.

  • Users using Microsoft Word, please go here.
  • If you're using some other program that has formatting (i.e. is not plain text), you will have to find something that converts your files to .html. You can try uploading those files directly.
  • Alternatively, you can copy your text into Microsoft Word and follow the relevant instructions.
  • If it creates problems, please talk to Elvaron.

    Plain Text Users

  • If you have no formatting in your story -- i.e. no italics, no bolds, no underlines, etc (or your italics are denoted e.g. /like this/), then you can use the EftW HTML Editor
  • Paste your text into the editor, and it'll add all the necessary HTML for you.
  • Copy the HTML and paste it into the story text box, and click 'Preview'
  • This is the simplest method and should work perfectly.

    Microsoft Word Users

  • Check what version your copy of Microsoft Word is.
  • (Open Word > Help > About Microsoft Word. A page should pop up; the top most line will tell you the version number.)
  • If it is a version earlier than Microsoft Word 2003 (i.e. Word 95 or 97 or similar), then you're in luck.
  • If you are using Microsoft Word 2003, additional instructions will follow.

    Earlier Versions of Microsoft Word

  • Save your file as .htm or .html. (File > Save As > File type: .htm / .html).
  • There is no difference between .htm and .html. (I will refer to the file as .html henceforth.)
  • You can then either upload the .html file (which would be easier), or, if the file upload system is broken do the following:

    1. Open the .html file in notepad.
    2. Copy everything.
    3. Paste it into the story text box.
    4. Click Preview.

    EftW should remove all the irrelevant HTML tags, leaving only the relevant ones.
    If your .html file had a title, this title will appear as text at the top of your story. You can remove this by deleting it in the story text box.

    If you have double spaces, i.e.

    And it would bug you terribly if they turned out

    instead, please proceed to this page.

    If not, you can click add story, and it's over.

    Additional Instructions for Microsoft Word 2003 Users
    Microsoft Word 2003 does awful things with its HTML. At this time we haven't actually developed a simple solution for this.
    Follow the same instructions as detailed for Microsoft Word Users (above).
    After you upload the .html or paste everything into the story text box, click preview.

    1. The output will contain all kinds of nonsense, such as class=SpanE>Your text here, or face="Arial">normal>Your text here.
    2. You have to proof read your fic. Remove all those little bits of nonsense code until the >
    3. Again, if you have the double spaces problem as mentioned above, proceed to this page.