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Review Management

Review Management

Posting a Review
Go to the story in question. Click either on the review counter beside the author's name or on the 'submit a review' link at the bottom of each chapter.
Click on 'Would you like to submit a review?' link on the reviews page.

Viewing Reviews
The most common problem here is: 'Help! I can't see my review!' This usually happens when you have a multi-part fiction.
Use the drop-down menu. Select 'View All Reviews'.

Alternatively, you may view all reviews received from your account.
Go to Your Account > View Reviews.
Reviews are sorted by fiction. Fictions are sorted in chronological order.

Responding to Reviews
A neat function that EftW has is the ability for authors to post a response to their reviews.
Go to Your Account > View Reviews.
Find the review in question and click on the 'respond' button (Reviews are sorted by fiction. Fictions are sorted in chronological order.)

Review Notification
EftW has a feature sends you an email whenever you receive a new review (if your mailor daemons don't eat the mail on the way.)
To activate this, go to Your Account > Edit Personal Information
Check the 'Contact for new reviews' box.

When following the link posted in the review notification, you may be led to a review page that does not reflect the newest review.
Select 'View all reviews' from the drop down menu to see it. (This is usually because the review has been posted in response to a specific chapter.)

Deleting Reviews
You can delete any review you receive.

You must be logged on.

Go to your fiction. Click on [Reviews - x] (beside the author's name.)
Click on [Delete] for the review you wish to delete.