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Posting Fictions

Posting Fictions

This isn't difficult, but some things need to be pointed out, so sit back and take a deep breath. Have you read the rules and guidelines yet? Please do so before submitting any fics to EftW.

To post a new fiction:

1. Log in, go to 'Your Account' and 'Add New Story'.

2. Fill the details of your story -- the title, chapter title (you needn't worry about this for single-part fictions), summary, etc. There are pointers on the side.

3. Story text.

All story text that uploaded must be in HTML format. This means that any formatting must be effected by HTML tags.

4. Uploading files.
The file upload system only recognises .htm or .html files.
If you click within the 'Story Text' box, you will not be able to use the file upload option. Hit back on your browser and click on 'Add New Story' again.

A detailed page on how to create and deal with HTML has been uploaded here. Please refer to that.

If you're still unclear about the uploading process, contact Elvaron -- elvaron AT split-infinity.org

To post a new chapter:

Log in, go to 'Your Account' and 'Add New Chapter'.

The procedure is the same as above.
EftW has a function that allows you to carry over your chapter information, summary etc for multi-part fictions.
To activate this, go to Your Account > Edit Personal Information
And check the 'Carry over chapter information' box.