EftW Help Center

Getting an Account

Creating and Deleting Accounts

1. Read the rules and guidelines page.

2. Go to the 'login' page and register. You will get a system generated password sent to your email address. (By implication, your email address should be valid.)

If you do not get your password within a day or so, please contact Elvaron -- elvaron AT split-infinity.org (This is due to some ISPs filtering out or disallowing split-infinity.org emails.)

3. Once you have your account, you can add and edit new stories, edit your profile, etc. Your stories must be validated by a moderator before it may be posted.

Some authors may receive pre-validated status. Their fictions will be uploaded to the server without going through a moderator. The administrator (Elvaron) reserves full rights over creation or removal of pre-validated authors.

If your fic is rejected, you are at liberty to revise it and re-submit it.

Deleting your Account
Log in, go to Your Account > Edit Personal Information
Click on 'Delete' (next to 'Submit')
Select 'Yes'.